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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Mon Mar 30 10:23:20 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I might be mistaken but I *thought* in the past I'd seen Lon-Capa recognize different ways of expressing the same value as "you've entered that answer before" and not counting the attempt in numericalresponse problems. Am I wrong about that?  I thought entries such as .650 and 0.650 were recognized as the same answer and the second entry then not counted as a try where there a limited number of tries, but if that had been the case in the past, it does not seem to be the case now.  A student reported using her two tries on a test retake with just those two answers (why, I don't know!) and my subsequent testing of that and some other items confirmed that attempts are not counted by values but by different expressions of those values — as if the problem were a stringresponse.  That was not what I expected.  Thank you for any further guidance on that. Could it be related to changes addressing differences between decimals with trailing zeros (so .650 is not the same as .65 for purposes of sig figs) or something?  Or was I imagining that those different expressions were recognized as the same value in the past?


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