[LON-CAPA-users] Any pockets of problems for Color, Light, Sound?

Lucas, Mark lucasm at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 25 08:42:17 EDT 2015

We teach a course called Color, Light and Sound. We have a variety of problems for this at the
conceptual, simple calculational level, but changed the textbook a couple years ago to 
Physics in the Arts by Gilbert.

I’ve got an instructor having problems finding problems on certain topics. I was wondering:

* Does anyone else have an open library for a course like this?

* Specfically this week he’s looking for problems with the following topics - I’m not optimistic:

1. damped oscillations including damping time tau
2. resonance - bell shaped curve, resonance frequency, graphs of this
3. Delta(frequency) x Tau = 0.38 (width of resonance peak times damping time is a constant)
4. interference of waves of same frequency depending on phase shift
5. beats, average frequency, beat frequency
6. harmony in musical notes: octaves, fourths, fifths
7. Lissajous figures

Any pointers would be appreciated!


Mark Lucas 								email: lucasm at ohiou.edu
252D Clippinger Lab						phone: (740)597-2984
Department of Physics and Astronomy		fax: (740)593-0433
Ohio University
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