[LON-CAPA-users] Significant digits in customresponse: "Submission not graded. Use more digits."

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Mon Dec 21 10:04:42 EST 2015

What I did for our labs was put a div around the whole problem with an id
of "pageWrap" and include the following CSS:

#pagewrap table{display:none;}

Feedback is displayed in a table, so that takes care of all of it.  It
also hides the Lon-Capa submit buttons so we provided our own, which was
ok because we also added some additional code into them to check for some
things we wanted to check for.  I suspect that there may be better ways of
doing this and in fact in some cases I'm making some refinements now, but
this has served our purposes.


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

On 12/19/15, 3:48 PM, "lon-capa-users-bounces at mail.lon-capa.org on behalf
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dencker at math.uni-luebeck.de> wrote:

>Giving custom messages would be  possible using the xml structure <block
>...  >  ... </block> and the LON-CAPA function check_status(`partid').
>The question is how to suppress any automated response. There is the
>LON-CAPA parameter 'problemstatus'.
>The author manual claims:  ``The options for the problemstatus are:
>"yes" - shows correct or incorrect only; "answer" - shows computer
>answer as described above; "no" - don't show correct/incorrect feedback;
>"no_feedback_ever"- supresses all feedback.''
>In my examples the option "no_feedback_ever" actually doesn't suppress
>all feedback. It is shown: "Answer Submitted: Your final submission will
>be graded after the due date."
>Perhaps there is a possibility to really suppress *all* feedback?
>- Peter
>Am 19.12.2015 um 09:22 schrieb Jacob:
>> I would really like to know how to suppress the automated responses and
>> a custom message on a neutral return code.  Even better would be a way
>> throw a neutral return code (with a custom message) from a math
>> though I'm not holding out hope that this is possible.
>> Jacob Bond
>>> Hi Doug,
>>> Thanks, using own feedback would be indeed a possibility. How do you
>>> manage this? I am not aware that the rather old idea of a neutral
>>> code in custom response for own purposes has been implemented yet. Do
>>> you use conditional hints?
>>> Stefan Bisitz
>>> Am 03.03.2014 19:18 schrieb Mills, Douglas G:
>>>> /Hi Stefan, />>//>>/I posed the same question about a year and a half
>>>> ago ‹ not sure there was />>/an answer for it though. For other
>>>> reasons we ended up suppressing the />>/automated responses and using
>>>> our own, so for the sig fail simply tell the />>/students to check
>>>> their sig figs. />>//>>/Doug/
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