[LON-CAPA-users] report of timing issues in timed assessments

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Wed Dec 23 10:40:57 EST 2015

Hi All,

I had two reports this semester of issues related to clicking on buttons (Feedback in one case, Evaluate in the other) during a timed assessment that when the students returned to the assessment the displayed timer was showing more time than they should have had.  Here is a quote from one of those students:

"I finished the quiz with more than enough time and was poking around on the Lon-Capa quiz section and I found that if you click evaluate then the back arrow, it gives you extra time. You may want to look into that for future reference. I don't know if anyone else has found out about this yet, but it might prove an issue later on."

The other student had clicked on "Feedback" thinking perhaps it would give her feedback on the answers she had entered, came back and saw that the timer said she had more time than she thought she should have.  She reported that in fact the quiz ended when it should have, but she was confused by the discrepancy in the timer display.

I was not able to replicate this in Firefox but I WAS able to replicate using Chrome (both on Mac, I have not tested on Windows).  In Chrome, clicking from a timed assessment on the Feedback, Evaluation or Printer button in the top right and then using the browser's back button for me in all three instances reset the displayed time to the initial time limit and restarted counting down from there.  I wanted to see if how it would behave as it approached the end of the time limit — when it would turn red, when it would actually call time but then I tried the Lon-Capa forward arrow to see if that would also reset the time and found that in fact, when I clicked the Lon-Capa forward arrow and the Lon-Capa back arrow, the time was reset to display accurately the actual amount of time that should have been left based on when I started the quiz. After that I could not get it to reset itself back to 10 minutes when clicking on Evaluate, Feedback or Print.

Has anyone else had reports of timing issues?  We hadn't ever really paid much attention to the buttons at the top right but realize now that in any case it makes sense just to hide those for timed assessments.  Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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