[LON-CAPA-users] New Content/Problem Editor - Input needed NOW

Laurie Iten liten at purdue.edu
Thu Oct 9 13:21:10 EDT 2014


Was there a survey of LON-CAPA authors that told you “that the colorful editor is not used very often”? I ask because the colorful editor, not the WYSIWYG helps people learn to write LON-CAPA problems, IMO. I would hate to see the colorful editor disappear, although a graphic designer may be able to suggest a more pleasing color scheme.


On Oct 9, 2014, at 1:09 PM, Gerd Kortemeyer <korte at lite.msu.edu> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are trying to figure out how the next generation content/problem editor should work, and we really need input.
> 1) We notice that the colorful editor is not used very often. Apart from the psychedelic colors, why is that? What’s the problem with it?
> 2) Is there anything good about the colorful editor?
> 3) We always hear “WYSIWYG,” but when you really think about it, that’s quite impossible: LON-CAPA problems have deep structure, and there is a lot that “you do not see,” but that’s important: parameters, scripts, … how would “WYSIWYG" look in this scenario?
> 4) Think about the whole workflow of authoring problems: What is important? What do you need? How can the whole process of authoring be streamlined?
> 5) Do you know of any editor on the web that is approximately doing what we need? Some good design examples for us to look at?
> Anyway, please discuss on the list now. We do not have the developer capacity to allow us the luxury of going down the wrong track.
> - Gerd.
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