[LON-CAPA-users] style for printed exams?

Damien Guillaume damieng at msu.edu
Mon Nov 10 16:31:04 EST 2014

> The only way I can possibly think to do this is to redefine the foil tag with a deprecated font
> tag or div tucked in. (I can see Gerd and Stuart cringing already).

You can add me to the list of people cringing, but unfortunately I do 
not know of a good solution for this. It is possible to use <tex> tags 
like that to change the printing style: 
<tex>\Huge</tex>text<tex>\normalsize</tex>. You can also use deprecated 
<font> tags, and the .sty file to apply the same style for all tags with 
the same name (as suggested).

In the future, I would like LON-CAPA to support CSS better, and in 
particular @media to give specific CSS to elements of a given class for 
print or web outputs. The current solution I am thinking of is to use a 
web browser rendering for print, and support TeX only for equations 
(with wkhtmltopdf and MathJax). This is probably the only way to have 
good CSS support in print, and it would make the rendering more similar 
between web and print. A consequence of that would be that <tex> tags to 
change the style would not work anymore, and we would have to manually 
fix them. So I can't advise to play too much with these...


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