[LON-CAPA-users] gnuplot and option response

H. K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Wed Nov 19 09:07:10 EST 2014


It seems that images generated using gnuplot do not line up the same way as
previously generated images. The images are staggered, not like

image - selection
image - selection

See example below. Anyone knows how to fix this?


<script type="loncapa/perl">
$gnuplot = &plotThis();

sub plotThis {

<gnuplot width="200" transparent="off" samples="100" grid="on" font="10"
bgcolor="xffffff" height="200" align="left" fgcolor="x000000" border="on"
plottype="Cartesian" texwidth="70" fontface="sans-serif" bmargin="4"
rmargin="1" tmargin="2" lmargin="6" texfont="12">
    <axis xmin="-5" ymin="-4" xmax="5" ymax="4" color="x000000"
yzero="thick-line" xzero="line" />
    <ytics minorfreq="2" location="border" mirror="off" increment="2"
start="-4" />
    <xlabel>Label X</xlabel>
    <ylabel>Label Y</ylabel>
    <curve linestyle="lines" color="x000000" pointtype="2"
linetype="dashed" linewidth="1" limit="closed" pointsize="1">
return $gnuplot;
<startouttext />
The figures are not in the right place for the option selections.
<endouttext />

<optionresponse max="600" randomize="no" id="13">
   <foilgroup options="('Select 1','Select 2','Select 3')">
      <foil value="Select 1" name="s1">
         <startouttext /><parse>$gnuplot</parse><endouttext />
      <foil value="Select 2" name="s2">
         <startouttext /><parse>$gnuplot</parse><endouttext />
      <foil value="Select 3" name="s3">
        <startouttext /><parse>$gnuplot</parse><endouttext />

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