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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 18 11:56:53 EST 2014

Hey All,

For a sequence we want to require at least attempts at all questions on a practice exam before giving access to a second iteration of the exam and that is reflected in the conditional in the sequence we’re using. HOWEVER, because the practice exam is times, some students do not complete it, so I’d like to provide an alternate condition for access to the second iteration and am looking at external::datestatus as a possible solution to that (https://s10.lite.msu.edu/res/msu/albertel/test/ext_examples.problem#0)

Two questions: (1) does anyone know what status would appear indicating that time is up?  I’m guessing that will be “CANNOT_ANSWER” but would appreciate verification if anyone knows for sure.

(2) The only $external:: “incantation” of this type I’ve used before is for Randomseed and in the context of the problem itself. There’s only one seed for the problem so no ambiguity there. Is this possible to use in a conditional in a sequence and if so, can you point me at the right syntax for that?

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Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technologies
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
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