[LON-CAPA-users] "Blog" on Next Generation of LON-CAPA

Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Tue Feb 18 13:32:49 EST 2014


As many of you know, MSU spun off a commercial company called “CourseWeaver,” of which I am part. Currently, this company provides LON-CAPA services (including hosting) and support. It will also open up new deployment avenues, e.g., a way for students to pay for access along the same lines as competitors in the online homework business, and it will increase inroads into K-12. All of these activities benefit the LON-CAPA project, and I am glad it’s happening. Very much depending on availability of venture capital, CourseWeaver may also write a new commercial software platform inspired by the LON-CAPA philosophy and architecture.

As a byproduct of this process, our good old LON-CAPA received increased attention by academic departments here on campus of MSU. I was asked to provide a “blog” as a forum to discuss plans for the next generation of the open-source free LON-CAPA system (“LON-CAPA 4.0”). This blog is far from done (and probably has typos and errors), but it can be found at


(sorry for the messy URL). If you would like to show your support for increased investment into open-source free LON-CAPA, please do so by reading the blog and commenting with your opinions, recommendations, corrections, insights, challenges, etc. Technical people might want to look at the “System” section. Your first posting will need manual approval, but subsequent postings should be automatic.

- Gerd.

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