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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Thu Feb 13 10:57:23 EST 2014

HI All,

Here’s what the instructor would like: Online Practice Exam consisting of 22 questions.  Student submits it and receives feedback on the current version and can look over her answers compared with correct answers. IF she has more than 35% she gets access to a folder of each of the problems separately in practice mode so she can choose which one(s) she wants to work with and generate variations on her own.  If she has less than 35% she takes another randomly generated variation of the exam with the same possible outcomes as the first — 35% or better allows access to the individual problems in practice mode, less than 35% leads to a variation of the same exam. After the third attempt, automatic access to the problems in practice mode.

I know from experience this requires three copies of the same exam in authoring space. Since the exam is one long problem with one submit button, I’ve written code to provide feedback on individual questions when the page reloads, so that’s covered, and it also calculates the % correct to display to the student.  Is there a way via an EXT function or otherwise, however, to access in a conditional for the sequence the percent of the questions that the student got right?  I’m thinking there is not since at the problem level there’s just 1 or 0, awarded credit or not awarded credit…. I think.  Am I missing something?  And there’s no way to pass my percent correct variable into the sequence, is there?  I keep thinking of having a hidden numericresponse where I put the percent correct when the problem is submitted, but I don’t know the percent correct until after submission…

Also, any way to control access to a FOLDER rather than a Resource via a conditional sequence?  I know that if I put the three practice exams in sequence as the last thing in the course with the folder of individual problems following, I can just not provide a free bypass to the Finish of the sequence so that subsequent content is only available upon meeting one of the imposed conditions, but can a folder be directly incorporated into a sequence?

Thanks as always!


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