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What I do in this case is
(a) define within the problem's code the respective variables as, say,
    alpha, and
(b) provide the students with some guidance in the problem's text saying
    that if they answer requires the symbol alpha (typeset in Greek)
    they should type the string 'alpha' (typeset in typewriter font). In
    this way I can also test formulas that include symbols such as x1,
    epsilon_0, etc.

Cheers, Itay

On Thu, Dec 4, 2014, at 03:54 PM, Lucas, Mark wrote:
> Is there a way to include greek characters in a formularesponse
> answer?
> I have a teacher who is looking to include omega and alpha in the
> answer for a rotational motion problem.
> My gut feeling is that the answer is no, but I thought I’d check.
> Mark
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