[LON-CAPA-users] discrepancies between submission record and activity log!?

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Dec 3 09:00:15 EST 2014

Hello Peter,

> How can I "check the activity log"?

There is a "View recent activity" link immediately below the student's  
name when displaying the submission record for a particular student.   
Clicking the link will cause display the activity log to be displayed  
in a new tab in your browser.

Another way to access a student's activity log is via:

People -> Users -> List and Modify Multiple Course Users

Click "Display List of Users"

Then in the "Behavior of clickable username link for each user" box click:
the "View a user's recent activity" radio button (you may also check  
the "Open in a new window" checkbox). Click the username of the  
student for whom you wish to view activity.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Peter Dencker <dencker at math.uni-luebeck.de>:

> Hello Doug, hello All.
> I observed the same problem in at least two situations. (The students
> worked on an iPhone or an iPad, respectively. All problems are shown as
> correctly solved on these devices but the submissions are not graded. Of
> course the use of these devices and the occurrence of the problem can be
>  purely coincidental.)
> How can I "check the activity log"?  I only know the method to "View the
> course assessment progress chart" and another way would really help me
> to investigate the matter.
> Peter
> On 12/02/2014 11:22 PM, Mills, Douglas G wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> A student reported not getting credit for work done... I check the   
>> submissions record and it says no attempts, 0/99 tries. I check the  
>>  activity log, however, and on that specific problem it's showing 6  
>>  tries.  And the same for several other problems in that homework   
>> series.  It occurred to me that perhaps the problem is in the   
>> course twice somehow and I actually do see some evidence of that   
>> with some other problems, but not seeing it with this one. Would   
>> that be the only possible explanation?  Has anyone seen something   
>> like this? Thanks,
>> Doug
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