[LON-CAPA-users] Forcing students to submit valid expressions for formula responses.

Peter Dencker dencker at math.uni-luebeck.de
Wed Oct 30 21:11:03 EDT 2013


you wrote

> Right now my LON-CAPA server times out on them,
> and asks them to try again later.

I've tested it: You seem to suffer by the same strange maxima-bug
on host 'mtal1', see the 'catching maxima errors'-threads on

The problem is still unsolved.
Therefore you have to check *all* syntax errors.
This was the initial motivation for my library-project.

Maybe I can offer a preliminary workaround-library ...

Or can someone finds similarities of the hosts 'mtal1' and 'scll1'
that may cause this bug :-/  ?

- Peter

Am 21.10.2013 16:23, schrieb Angus Findlay:
> When I give students formula response questions some of them don’t submit valid mathematic expressions. The most common problems are:
> 1) Not having balanced brackets. (i.e. number of left brackets do not match number of right brackets)
> 2) Including invalid characters, such as quotation signs.
> 3) Not including brackets, when necessary. (eg. 2^-1/2 instead of 2^(-1/2))
> I want to tell them that the expression is invalid, tell them why, and allow them to enter it again, without penalty. (Right now my LON-CAPA server times out on them, and asks them to try again later.)
> Is there a piece of standard code I can use for this, or if not, what it the easiest to implement a solution to this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Respectfully,
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