[LON-CAPA-users] LON-CAPA Access Control access denied

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Wed Mar 27 12:23:53 EDT 2013

Check to see that the problems include <allow> tags specific to all the individual image files which might be used by it.

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A colleague of mine, Nanouk Paré, has written and published some problems that are being used in another colleague's class (René Francis). The problem is that the images aren't showing up in René's course, although they do in Nanouk's. 

The problems have been published Open XML, but domain-only for testing. Both courses are part of the johnabbott domain. The images have also been published. 

When a student right-clicks on the image placeholder and selects "Open in a new tab", the image has a correct-looking URL, however we get the LON-CAPA Access Control error: 

Access: Browse resources 
Resource: /res/johnabbott/nanoukpare/DDB/voltage_vs_time.png 
Action: Access Denied 

I've tried republishing the problem using both relative links (./ voltage_vs_time.png) and absolute links ( /res/johnabbott/nanoukpare/DDB/voltage_vs_time.png) in the problem, to no effect. 

I was wondering if there's something simple that I've overlooked (been a while since I wrote a problem with a static image)? Any thoughts would appreciated. 

Thank you, 

Michael Dugdale 
John Abbott College 

LON-CAPA Access Control 

Access  : Browse resources
Resource: /res/johnabbott/nanoukpare/DDB/voltage_vs_time.png
Action  : Access Denied 
Sorry ... 
This action is currently not authorized. 
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