[LON-CAPA-users] Managing Time Slots - setting "Problem Opening Date" and "Content Opening Date"

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Jul 11 11:56:41 EDT 2012


If you are using student-scheduled slots to control access to a  
resource in LON-CAPA then you need to ensure that the open date is  
before the date when you would like students to begin making  

For resources with slot-based access, students will not actually be  
able to view the content of the resource until the slot they reserved  
opens (and they are checked in).

Problem Opening Date (opendate) is used for resources which are either  
LON-CAPA .problem or .task files, whereas Content Opening Date  
(contentopen) is for other types of resource.  Given that LON-CAPA's  
cascading parameter scheme allows parameters to be set on a folder  
level for folders which may contain both .problems and other  
resources, you may decide to set both a Problem Opening Date and a  
Content Opening Date for a folder.

Note, however, that the behavior of .problem files and other resources  
is different in the case where no opening dates have been set.

The default for .problem (and .task) files is to *not* be shown to the  
student, if no opendate is set, whereas the default for other  
resources is to be shown, if no contentopen is set.

So in your case (when using slots) you should ensure that a problem  
opening date, on or before the start reservation date has been set  
(e.g., for the folder containing the items with slot-based access).  
The content opening date can be left unset (as long as a course-level  
content opening date has not been set, which is later than the start  
reservation date).

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Amos Lee <lee at math.usask.ca>:

> Hi,
> I have some more questions on how the following time parameters should
> be set in the context of using time slots:
>   Problem Opening Date (written here as POD for short)
>   Content Opening Date (written here as COD for short)
>   Time students can start reserving (written here TSCSR for short)
>   Start Time of Slot 1 (written here as STofS1 for short)
> Specifically, I'm not sure how POD should be set in the context of
> using time slots.
>    First I tried setting
>    COD = TSCSR < STofS1, and POD = STofS1
> (where "<" means "earlier than").  But I found out that this had the
> effect of making reservation unavailable.
>    Then I tried setting
>    COD = POD <= TSCSR < STofS1,
> and reservation of time slots was then made available.  Am I correct to
> understand that I should set these parameters as follows?
>    COD <= POD <= TSCSR < STofS1
>    I'm confused by the phrase "Problem Opening Date/Time" in the
> presence of using time slots.
> Thanks,
> Amos
> Amos Lee
> Math & Stats
> Univ of Sask
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