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Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Fri Apr 20 11:43:48 EDT 2012

Yep, the user is an Exam Proctor and I was using the slot's Secret Word (which is: asdf) as the password.  

I didn't place any restrictions on the IPs and I've waited for a while for it to take affect.

The test student is in the correct section and the student sees the Proctor Validation page.  The password isn't working.

The slot info says that # of student / max is set to 0.  I don't know if that matters, because I have it set to preassigned so that I can pick sections to write during that time.

I've tried logging in as the Exam Proctor and I chose the Exam Proctor Role to see if there was something the Proctor needed to activate but it displays the Course Contents of the section the Proctor is signed up for, which is the same course but a different section and nothing else seems different.

>From Seema.

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Have you assigned the Course Role of "exam proctor" to the proctor user?
Also, I assume that you are using the password which you typed in when you created the "slot" (not the proctor's own password)?

Have you limited the slot to particular IPs?  If so you will have to be using one of those computers.
Is your test student user actually enrolled in the correct section?

(It seemed to work OK for me when I tried it using a couple of dummy usernames, one as "exam proctor" and the other as enrolled student, in a particular section, for my own IP (which I included when editing the "slot".)

Also, usually, newly set parameters do not take "immediate" affect.  You might try logging out and logging in again a few minutes later (maybe on a different server).

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Proctor Validation 

I set up a slot, and assigned the slot name to the slot of availability for a folder. The slot requires the proctor to validate it. So when a student logs in they get a Proctor Validation screen, which is awesome. However, when I enter the proctor's username and password, it doesn't let the student through. 

The message is: Failed to authenticate the proctor. 

I am not sure if I'm missing a step. 

>From Seema. 

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