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My experience with the RAT on occasion has been rather maze like as
well. I've always figured some thought went into naming it properly to
produce the appropriate acronym :)  Unfortunately I don't have any
suggestions for improving the pathways.

- From my perspective, as long as the routes can be followed reasonably
well, the RAT makes it easier to figure out what's going on--under what
conditions is a resource skipped, etc.

The real difference is perhaps more aesthetic. How do you want the
questions to appear.  In a .problem, all the questions will be on the
same html page, and depending on how it's coded, you could have have a
new question appear "between" to questions that have already been
answered, which might confuse students given your "looping" structure.
With the sequence, each question appears on its own page, and assuming
the logic is correct, students can reliably just hit the "next" button
to get to the next question, whatever that may be.

My 2cents.


Robert_Brewington@er.monroe.edu wrote:
> I was playing around with the Advanced sequence editor, and find myself
> wondering if there are any more instructions than the Help page. This
> looks like it needs a whole chapter in the Author manual, with lots of
> examples.
> For example, what can you put in the condition fields? Can you put
> various statements, or is this only tokens which will be wrapped in
> parenthesis for an if statement? Can I set or change variables here?
> The straighten or condense command got my map got all tangled up, with
> Start near the bottom, the next piece in the middle, and the last piece
> at the top. Finish was nicely on the bottom:) Is there some way to
> re-arrange the resources in a better order? Can I adjust the layout so
> the links don't wander all over the page?
> I am thinking I may be better off just writing a regular problem with
> <block> statements for control. What are the benefits of using the Sequence?
> What I want to do is place 4 or 5 questions in a sequence. The questions
> loop until the student gets some percentage correct (for example, 3 in a
> row or maybe 3 out of the last 4). I have a good idea of what the links
> should look like, and what the conditions want to be, I just don't seem
> to be able to draw anything with any control.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> brew
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