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<div>Very helpful response - nice documentation of the possible variables. =
Interesting that the student might have critnotification instead of notific=
ation set; I need to check that.<br><br>As I looked at my code, I was actua=
lly doing the &amp;EXT call correctly; a subsequent line of code (misuse of=
 the perl =3D=3D instead of eq) was causing my problem:(&nbsp; Massive emba=
rrassment...<br><br>Thanks,<br>brew<br></div><font color=3D"#990099">-----l=
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 [LON-CAPA-users] environment.notification<br><br><font face=3D"monospace" =
size=3D"3">Brew,<br><br>&amp;EXT('environment.notification') is the correct=
 invocation to echo the &nbsp;<br>LON-CAPA message notification e-mail addr=
ess of the user. &nbsp;Other items &nbsp;<br>from a user's environment will=
 similarly use &nbsp;<br>EXT("environment.$itemname"), replacing $itemname =
with the appropriate &nbsp;<br>variable to be displayed.<br><br>There are t=
wo items of user information which use the form: &nbsp;<br>&amp;EXT("user.$=
itemname"):<br><br>(a) &amp;EXT('user.name') echoes the username of the cur=
rent user.<br>(b) &amp;EXT{'user.domain') echoes the domain of the current =
user.<br><br>Note: in LON-CAPA, there are three different e-mail addresses =
stored &nbsp;<br>in a user's environment.db. &nbsp;These are: notification,=
 critnotification &nbsp;<br>and permanentemail.<br><br>The first two are se=
t by the user - via:<br>Main Menu -&gt; Set my user preferences -&gt; "Chan=
ge Message Forwarding and &nbsp;<br>Notification Email Addresses"<br><br>Th=
e third is set/modified by a Domain Coordinator, and also may be &nbsp;<br>=
set/modified by a Course Coordinator, depending on the domain &nbsp;<br>con=
figuration. &nbsp;A regular user is not able to modify the value of &nbsp;<=
br>permanentemail stored in environment.db.<br><br>I have created a survey =
question which echoes the user's information. &nbsp;<br>Log-in to LON-CAPA,=
 select a role which permits browsing of the &nbsp;<br>repository of publis=
hed content, and point at:<br><br>/res/msu/raeburn/examples/userinfo=5Ffrom=
=5Fext.survey<br><br>This item has been published open source.<br><br>Stuar=
t Raeburn<br>MSU LON-CAPA group<br><br>&gt; In the old word document showin=
g useful things you can do with &amp;EXT &nbsp;<br>&gt; it lists the comman=
d<br>&gt;<br>&gt; &amp;EXT ("environment.notification")<br>&gt;<br>&gt; as =
returning the user's email address. It doesn't seem to be working for me,<b=
r>&gt; so I wonder if anyone else has used this? Is there a different &nbsp=
;<br>&gt; invocation? It seems like it would be something like<br>&gt;<br>&=
gt; &amp;EXT("user.notification")<br>&gt;<br>&gt; but I have tried a few th=
ings and not gotten anything work.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Thanks,<br>&gt; brew<br>=
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