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Mark Lucas lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 27 May 2008 11:23:48 -0400


Problems can be published with a number of different 'copyrights'.

A problem can be slated for system-wide access, which means it's fair
game for everyone.

Domain-use only can only be used for courses in that domain.

There can also be a custom copyright, where one can create a file that
lists those domains or courses that can have access.

Many of the textbook libraries are published as custom, and then those
domains which are using the textbook can be added. They can then be
removed when the institution is no longer using the text.

The key is that you want to look for system wide problems under the

If you used search, you may want to restrict the problems to a
copyright/distribution of system.

If you are using the resource browser (after finding pockets of
problems), show resource should not show you the thumbnail of the
problem unless the copyright is appropriate.

I too have been burned a bit by search bringing up things I am not
allowed to see, but I caught this when I went to view the actual
problem. Was there a point where you were actually able to view the text
of the problem, and then it was not viewable?

By the way, what discipline are you in? (Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, ....)


On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 10:55 -0400, Bob Gonzales wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a general kind of question about the
> availability of published problems.
> Last week I was creating a new problem set and
> I searched the loncapa network and came up with
> 17 problems that I decided to use.  I imported
> them into a composite page and I can see all of
> the names of all of the problems in 'edit contents'.  
> However, today when I went in to work on the answers 
> to the problems I can only see 10 of the 17 problems.
> I re-searched for some of the missing problems
> but when I tried to look at them from the search 
> screen I got 'not authorized' messages.  The 
> missing problems were from 4 different domains.
> So, my question is:  How do I dare to use problems
> from the loncapa network if they aren't always
> available?
> I hate to reinvent the wheel by coding all of
> my own problems when there are so many great ones
> out there already.  Based on my experience so far,
> I don't dare to use anything that I didn't publish
> myself.
> Thanks,
> Bob Gonzales
> Binghamton University
> Chemistry Dept
> PO Box 6000
> Binghamton, NY  13902
> (607)777-2698
> FAX: (607)7774478
> rgonzal@binghamton.edu 
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