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Wed, 28 May 2008 02:51:33 -0400

Hi Bob and Mark,

There is a bug report about this issue at  


Quoting Mark Lucas <lucasm@ohio.edu>:

> Bob,
> Problems can be published with a number of different 'copyrights'.
> A problem can be slated for system-wide access, which means it's fair
> game for everyone.
> Domain-use only can only be used for courses in that domain.
> There can also be a custom copyright, where one can create a file that
> lists those domains or courses that can have access.
> Many of the textbook libraries are published as custom, and then those
> domains which are using the textbook can be added. They can then be
> removed when the institution is no longer using the text.
> The key is that you want to look for system wide problems under the
> Copyright/Distribution.
> If you used search, you may want to restrict the problems to a
> copyright/distribution of system.
> If you are using the resource browser (after finding pockets of
> problems), show resource should not show you the thumbnail of the
> problem unless the copyright is appropriate.
> I too have been burned a bit by search bringing up things I am not
> allowed to see, but I caught this when I went to view the actual
> problem. Was there a point where you were actually able to view the text
> of the problem, and then it was not viewable?
> By the way, what discipline are you in? (Physics, Chemistry,
> Biology, ....)
> Later,
> Mark
> On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 10:55 -0400, Bob Gonzales wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got a general kind of question about the
>> availability of published problems.
>> Last week I was creating a new problem set and
>> I searched the loncapa network and came up with
>> 17 problems that I decided to use.  I imported
>> them into a composite page and I can see all of
>> the names of all of the problems in 'edit contents'.
>> However, today when I went in to work on the answers
>> to the problems I can only see 10 of the 17 problems.
>> I re-searched for some of the missing problems
>> but when I tried to look at them from the search
>> screen I got 'not authorized' messages.  The
>> missing problems were from 4 different domains.
>> So, my question is:  How do I dare to use problems
>> from the loncapa network if they aren't always
>> available?
>> I hate to reinvent the wheel by coding all of
>> my own problems when there are so many great ones
>> out there already.  Based on my experience so far,
>> I don't dare to use anything that I didn't publish
>> myself.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob Gonzales
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