[LON-CAPA-users] Using Advanced editor for sequences

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<div>So, I need to always check the Blocking this link if false. OK, I can =
deal with that.<br><br>Do I only get one statement? For example, does the f=
ollowing work?<br><br>$a =3D 2;<br>$b =3D 4;<br>$a gt $b<br><br>For just ch=
ecking &amp;EXT values I imagine a single (perhaps complicated) expression =
should be fine, but I can imagine wanting to do some logic first.<br><br>An=
d, where is Problem Grades? I'm sorry, I know I saw this once before, but I=
 can't find it anywhere. I have looked in "Modify user grades for this reso=
urce", but it seems to want an actual student. I looked around in problem p=
arameters with no luck; I don't see anything in the Main Menu that sounds r=
ight:(<br><br>Thanks,<br>brew<br> </div><font color=3D"#990099">-----lon-ca=
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Re: [LON-CAPA-users] Using Advanced editor for sequences<br><br><font face=
=3D"monospace" size=3D"3">Hi,<br><br>On Apr 13, 2008, at 4:36 PM, Robert=5F=
Brewington@er.monroe.edu wrote:<br>&gt;<br>&gt; I am looking for examples o=
f sequences using branching logic within &nbsp;<br>&gt; a sequence using th=
e Advanced Sequence editor. For example, if &nbsp;<br>&gt; problem 1 has mo=
re than 2 tries, go to problem 2, otherwise go to &nbsp;<br>&gt; problem 3.=
<br>&gt;<br>&gt; I have managed to add a condition above a resource problem=
, but I &nbsp;<br>&gt; don't know what any of the jargon means:<br>&gt; &nb=
sp;- Recommendation if true<br>&gt; &nbsp;- Blocking this link if false<br>=
&gt; &nbsp;- Blocking other links if true<br><br>Actually, there is an open=
 bug that all but "Blocking this link if &nbsp;<br>false" is defunct.<br><b=
r>&gt; I was under the impression you could put various chunks of script &n=
bsp;<br>&gt; code in there, but this sounds like I get one boolean expressi=
on.<br><br>Yes, only one boolean ... but that's enough to do what you want =
above.<br><br><br>&gt; If there is documentation somewhere describing how t=
o use this &nbsp;<br>&gt; editor, please point me to it! The help file just=
 shows adding a &nbsp;<br>&gt; resource to the map, basically the same as I=
 can do in the simple &nbsp;<br>&gt; editor. I don't see any mention of cod=
ing the conditions.<br><br><br>You would make use of the &amp;EXT()-functio=
n. Others on this list have &nbsp;<br>done this, and someone might already =
have an example of your scenario &nbsp;<br>above.<br><br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&g=
t; Also - how do you test these sequences? If I go in as Course &nbsp;<br>&=
gt; Coordinator and try the problem, I cannot reset the randomization/ <br>=
&gt; clear my answer and retry the problem. Once I have answered a &nbsp;<b=
r>&gt; problem, it seems to be set in stone, even if I delete the sequence =
&nbsp;<br>&gt; from the course and re-add it as a new resource. How do I cl=
ear my &nbsp;<br>&gt; answer?<br><br>In Problem Grades you can clear the st=
atus of the problem.<br><br>&gt;<br>&gt; Can I test the sequence from withi=
n the editor (as author for &nbsp;<br>&gt; example)?<br><br>Nope.<br><br>&g=
t; It seems that I have to publish the sequence, delete the previous &nbsp;=
<br>&gt; version from the course, and re-add the new version. Even then, it=
 &nbsp;<br>&gt; seems to still use the old version - yes, I did the course =
re- <br>&gt; initialization button.<br><br>No, simply re-publishing the seq=
uence and then re-initializing the &nbsp;<br>course should do the trick. Yo=
u can also re-initialize your role on &nbsp;<br>the Roles screen, that does=
 the same thing.<br><br>- Gerd.<br>=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=
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