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Thu, 7 Jun 2007 14:13:30 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Brew,

> I just want to see if I am understanding the behavior of significant
> figures in a problem, or whether I am missing something.
> I code a numericresponse problem and specify SigFigs, 3 for example. When I
> test the problem as Author, if I put the wrong number of figures it gives a
> hint and doesn't accept the input.
> I publish the problem and import it into CourseDocs. As Course Coordinator
> I run the problem and see the same behavior - it indicates I need more or
> fewer figures.
> However: when a student runs the problem, there is no indication when the
> SigFigs are wrong; the problem is simply marked wrong, with no indication
> that it is wrong because of sigfigs.

Students should get the 'incorrect sigfigs' message and not lose a try
unless you have

- globally tuned off sigfigs in PARM-> 'Set Course Environment'
- turned off feedback to users

So what you are describing is weird (CC would also be affected by both
of the above) and buggy. Can you send me an email detailing
course/resource/user that this occurs for so I can see what is up?

> I am thinking this is the designed spec - the production problem is just
> right or wrong, and the SigFigs hints are just for the Author's benefit?
> After messing with this for awhile, I am starting to see this approach as
> being deliberate.
> Or, am I missing some parameter that turns on the hints for the students as
> well? I would like the latter if it is available.
> Thanks,
> brew
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