[LON-CAPA-users] Significant Figures

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Thu, 7 Jun 2007 14:03:57 -0400


I just want to see if I am understanding the behavior of significant
figures in a problem, or whether I am missing something.

I code a numericresponse problem and specify SigFigs, 3 for example. When I
test the problem as Author, if I put the wrong number of figures it gives a
hint and doesn't accept the input.

I publish the problem and import it into CourseDocs. As Course Coordinator
I run the problem and see the same behavior - it indicates I need more or
fewer figures.

However: when a student runs the problem, there is no indication when the
SigFigs are wrong; the problem is simply marked wrong, with no indication
that it is wrong because of sigfigs.

I am thinking this is the designed spec - the production problem is just
right or wrong, and the SigFigs hints are just for the Author's benefit?
After messing with this for awhile, I am starting to see this approach as
being deliberate.

Or, am I missing some parameter that turns on the hints for the students as
well? I would like the latter if it is available.