[LON-CAPA-users] Significant Figures

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Thu, 7 Jun 2007 14:51:50 -0400

Students should get the 'incorrect sigfigs' message and not lose a try
unless you have

- globally tuned off sigfigs in PARM-> 'Set Course Environment'

>>> OK, I didn't do this one. I did find that parameter, it is not set.

- turned off feedback to users
>>>Hmm, this sounds suspicious. I can see me doing this, while trying to
turn off buttons and things on the student sheets (I don't really want them
sending problem feedback and messages to each other, they don't use it like
college students might). How would I have done this? I don't see it in
Course Environment or Parameter Overview.

So what you are describing is weird (CC would also be affected by both
of the above) and buggy. Can you send me an email detailing
course/resource/user that this occurs for so I can see what is up?

>>>/res/monroe/brewington/Physics; an example user is alane, Sheet 29, part
1300. All of the numeric response questions seem to do this, so you can
look through the various Sheet xx to find one with a numeric response.
There aren't a lot of numerics, because I keep having trouble getting them
to work well.

As Course Coordinator, Sheet 29 problem #3 shows this (I assume you would
see the same sheet I do?). Interestingly, I get the hint for missing units,
but not for sigfigs.