[LON-CAPA-users] Online Exam Questions

Todd Ruskell lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Sat, 14 Jul 2007 07:12:52 -0600

Jay and Guy,

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'd forgotten about hints and COM
blocking, even though COM blocking is in the CC manual.  Doh!

>>>> 1) Unless you want them to get hints you probably want to increase the
>>>> number of tries before hints appears to a large value.
>> Should 'Hide problem status' turn both of these off automagically?
>> Does anyone want hints when hidproblem status is on? (I could see
>> wanting the generalized hint maybe but I suspect adpative hints should
>> go)
> You could also show hints which have the "show even if correct" switched
> on.

I'd vote for no hints, but I can see situations where people might want
them.  It's easy enough to change the number of tries before hints
appear to be equal to greater than the total number of tries, but a
reminder would be nice.

>>> 3) Make sure you don't have any problems which have the "ordered"
>>> parameter
>>> in effect. If it's in effect, it will basically let the student know
>>> if they
>>> got a part correct before they can move on. DAMHIKT
>> Good point. Should this
>> - turn of 'ordered' if on
>> OR
>> - make it so orderd just requires them to attempt the part before
>>   showing the next part?
> Both don't really seem like the right default way to go, since sometimes
> subsequent problem parts give away to the solution to the preceding
> parts, e.g.,
> "Now that we have seen that the acceleration does not depend on the
> mass, let's ..."


> Maybe we need to acknowledge that "Hide Problem Status" and "Ordered"
> are simply contradictory, leave the functionality unchanged, but maybe
> put up a large red instructor warning that this setting makes no sense.
> Granted, that would be the first time that we smack a warning onto the
> instructor's view of a problem, but maybe that's a good thing to start
> doing, i.e., warn people if with certain settings or configurations they
> might be shooting themselves into the foot.
> I don't know if the Exam Parameter Helper is still on the books, but it
> might be good idea to have a helper in PARM which let's you set all of
> the relevant parameters to turn a folder into an exam (written or online
> could be the first question) and gives you some advice.
The CC manual has many suggestions in it, but pointers about HINTS, and
the "ordered" parameter are not present yet.

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