[LON-CAPA-users] The Case of the Missing Gifs

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Sat, 9 Dec 2006 12:01:21 -0500

<div>I will talk to them about the firewall. On the other hand, why would i=
t work under Firefox and not IE? Seems like they would both miss the gifs i=
f the firewall is blocking the messages on 8080.<br><br>brew<br></div><font=
 color=3D"#990099">-----lon-capa-users-admin@mail.lon-capa.org wrote: -----=
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2/08/2006 07:50PM<br>Subject: Re: [LON-CAPA-users] The Case of the Missing =
Gifs<br><br><font face=3D"monospace" size=3D"3">Hi,<br><br>On Dec 8, 2006, =
at 6:25 PM, Robert=5FBrewington@er.monroe.edu wrote:<br><br>&gt;<br>&gt; I =
am trying to track down an irritating thing happening in LonCapa.<br>&gt;<b=
r>&gt; On the school machines, running Internet Explorer 6, the little &nbs=
p;<br>&gt; gifs used<br>&gt; for buttons and such do not appear. The studen=
ts see little red Xs, as<br>&gt; though the files cannot be found.<br>&gt;<=
br>&gt; Everything works fine on my desktop machine running Firefox, but &n=
bsp;<br>&gt; IE6 can't<br>&gt; find the gifs. So, it seems to be an IE issu=
e rather than something &nbsp;<br>&gt; about a<br>&gt; teacher account vers=
us a student account. I am Blessed By The Great &nbsp;<br>&gt; Gods of<br>&=
gt; IT to run Firefox; it is not available for the students to run.<br>&gt;=
<br>&gt; On my home machine, running either IE7 or Firefox, everything seem=
s &nbsp;<br>&gt; to work<br>&gt; correctly.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Anyone know wha=
t setting needs to be changed or something? My IT &nbsp;<br>&gt; people are=
<br>&gt; unable to find a solution. The LonCapa system is usable like this,=
 &nbsp;<br>&gt; but it<br>&gt; is kind of kludgy (and a little embarrassing=
).<br><br>Most likely, your school IT folks are filtering port 8080 with so=
me &nbsp;<br>firewall - they need to open up that port.<br><br>- Gerd.<br><=
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