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I noticed that in the code:

<formularesponse answer="$v0" samples="t@1:500#5"
    <responseparam description="Numerical Tolerance" type="tolerance"
default=".5%" name="tol" />
    <textline size="25"/>
    <startouttext /><endouttext />

The format="2f*cos(2000*t" gives me a very good looking answer that
students can see after they have answered the question correctly.
However, my problem is when there is a phase..   eg 25*cos(2000*t +
7)...   using this format string, the answer will show as

Is there a way to format both the magnitude and the phase in a function
response problem?  Or can I only format the first number that lon-capa
comes across?

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Hi Guy,

> How do I print h bar? The html code is &#295;  which renders fine in 
> html, but doesn't print in tex.


looks good in jsMath mode and prints ncely.


Will look good both places.

And lonprinout.pm 1.399 will support conversion of &#295;

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