[LON-CAPA-dev] The new look of LON-CAPA

Benjamin Tyszka lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 20:09:42 -0500

>> But as we are doing this: Is there any way to extend the screen over 
>> the full width of the browser window? At least the top green, the grey 
>> and green line, and the
>> white should be continued. This looks rather cut off.
> The problem with this is the images.  What I was thinking is to put 
> another rounded edge on the cut off side and center the whole table on 
> the page.

I really like the way that the webpage looks.

If you chop the header into two and use table backgrounds, you can get 
the page to stretch across the screen as shown here:


You can download the page with the chopped image/backgrounds from:

I recommend, Josh, that you recut the images and backgrounds rather than 
use mine. I cut your jpeg images and then saved them again as jpeg, 
adding additional loss. It's better to do this to the originals.

As far as you Netscape 4.76 bugs, I think that you can eliminate the 
problems with colors between tables if you use a longer background image 
in the middle column (i.e. background2.gif(jpg) needs to be wider) and 
fill in the additional space with white, but keep the column width the 
same. I've had to do this numerous times, and I did it in my above test 
page. Unfortunately,  I no longer have Netscape 4.xx to test it out.

As far as browser compatibility goes, I've tested your page and the 
above page on:
Internet Explorer 5.1.3 for OS X
Opera 5.0 for OS X
Mozilla 9.8 for OS X
Omniweb 4.1 Beta for OS X
and both pages render correctly (as far as I can tell).