[LON-CAPA-dev] 2.2+ meeting

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 2 May 2006 17:21:08 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry, I apparently forgot about sending this out post the meeting.

Results from the future directions meeting and Bridge Task needs meeting.

Decided that priority ordering from previous meeting was still good

  1 - Guy - BT even more less appendixy (grading queue, slots (multiple open/due))
  2 - Guy - presentation layer separation work
  3 - Stuart - Discussion groups (similar to Angel) where a Group
               really is a course with everything just renamed.
                                  (renaming of Course -> Group
                                  Course Coordinator -> Group Coordinator etc.)
             - sectionesque (user can belong to multiple groups, normal PARM etc
                             limitations that apply to sections also apply to all
                             groups user belongs too, basically it's
                             like a user has multiple sections)
             - 'sub course' grouping ( a group has a mini internal
                            course associated with it, a sepearete
                            discussion area, portfolio area,  chat area, etc.)
  4 - Guy  - in PGRD (grade an entire sequence) ability to specify the
              CODE that user had seen.
  5 - Stuart - fine grained cloning choices
  6 - Guy  - searching portfolio metadata (stu/intsr)
           - portfolio access controls
  7 - Guy  - students can see their previous submissions
  8 - Rick - instructors can return a file as part of the grading process
  9 - Stuart - track instructor for (PARM change log particularly)
 10 - Stuart - student - roles screen enhancement 
                   (possibly show future? and hide expired?)
 11 - Guy  - better things than Exam Upload perhaps new chunk to GRDS
             for displaying external grading info 
 12 - Guy  - making it easier to change usernames
 13 - Guy  - multiclick image response
 14 - Stuart - student initiated eamil based password changing
 15 - Stuart - Camtasia training session help files for things that people want
               help for
 ?? - Gerd - clicker grant
 16 - Guy  - QTI
 17 - Gerd - sequences with 'random order' to resources
 18 - everyone - better 'snapshot' of what a student has done in a course 
    (problems done.. posts made.. mails sent... login times...)

Awaiting the Usability study ----
-  Usability suggestion enhancments from student -> might result in a need for:
   more info to the student about what affects them and what they can do....
   possibly outside of courses...

------ Bugfixes
- Lon-capa time in menu mode somehow...
- simple problem plagerism
- conditionals - stop punishing the student
Gerd - implement accessibility changes

------ Bridge Task needs:
For immeadiate need:
- install condition changes on s*
- change text Done -> 'Next Item', Stop -> 'Quit Grading', Cancel -> add to regrade
- support the needed JS & CSS

- add 'section specific slots'

- PGRD needs to support display of BT grading history

- TA's need to be prioritized to grade users not in any of their sections

For 2.2:
 - don't allow grade of users without a checkout of a BT
 - separation of PGRD from 'queue grading'
 - CSV upload of parameters
 - estimate difficulty of reformulating the <task> xml...
 - queue grading should be able to do any queue entry at all
      - add ability to change the text associated with the general fdbk locations
      - switch to radio button (so they can only send to a single location)
      - keep the user specified title

------ not for 2.2 ------
   - easier assigned seating for exam mode
   - DC -> choose any author
   - Education style - cohorts --
   - /OR - <nr> <fr> <sr> --- <o/r/m/rb/r> --- xml style on this
   - lonindexer too long
   - UTF support in printing
   - plagrisms check on more than pure text
   - instructor specified units
   - <drawimage> print support
   - exam image -> radomlabel
   - tag to formalize and simplify the process of getting information from
     the user that is later used in the HW
   - .rights in source avail

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