[LON-CAPA-dev] Re: Fedora only: LONCAPA prerequisites rpm and yum

Matthew Brian Hall lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 09:30:46 -0400

Hi Martin 

I can answer a few of your questions.  I've updated 
http://install.loncapa.org/resources/fedora/ with a few packages - 


>> perl-Net-SNPP		*   (assuming this is perl-Net-SNMP?)
Ouch.  Yes. 

> Does this mean apache < 2.0 or would something like apache-2.0.49 actually
> work? How do you actually fulfill that requirement under Fedora 2?
> There is no apache package ...

We use the 7.3 apache package. 

> This means that I better build something like apache-1.3.28 and
> mod_perl-1.28 myself? (should not be difficult: I would just rebuild
> the SuSE-9.0 rpms - SuSE-9.0 still has apache-1 support).

That sounds like the way to go. 

> SuSE-9.1 has perl-HTML-Parser-3.35, SuSE-9.0 has perl-HTML-Parser-3.28.
> Would either of the two work or should I rebuild your 
> perl-HTML-Parser-3.36-2.loncapa?

I've placed the patch (hparser_patch) that's required in the URL above. 

> I guess I do not need perl-Authen-Krb4, if I do not use kerberos?

Guy can answer this, but without modifying the LONCAPA sources I'd imagine 
you'll need the package installed.  We had issues with our compiled version 
of Authen::Krb4 (segfaulting after 2 authentications) that we avoided by 
using a statically linked package. 

>> We also suggest gnuplot 4.0 since with that we move away from needing
>> gif support in GD or anywhere else.
> Did you build gnuplot-4.0 from source or do you have a rpm for that
> as well?

We have an rpm for it and the src rpm, at the URL listed above.  I attempted 
to rebuild it for 7.3 but wasn't successful.  I was able to rebuild it for 

Additionally, we do patch, compile, and install (in /usr/local/sbin) pwauth 
on every machine (the install.pl script in our fedora_install tarball does 
this).  I need to make this part of the rpm installation process but I 
haven't had time lately to work on it. 

>> The rest of the CPAN modules rpms are builds straight from CPAN.
> One more question: Is there a way to completely uninstall loncapa from a
> machine? I'd like to start from scratch once more ...

Everything lives in /home/httpd, /etc/httpd/conf/, /usr/local/loncapa, and 
/usr/local/sbin/.  Removing the contents of those directories (after 
removing the apache package) should suffice to remove loncapa. 

Let me know if you need more info or have any questions.  If you modify 
things for the SUSE install we'd like to know about it. 


Matthew Hall           hallmat3@msu.edu
LON-CAPA developer
Michigan State University