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  - Information about log-in page redirects to a different server (e.g., a portal).
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-The login page can be customized for your domain, by:
+If your domain has more than one server you have the option to configure whether 
+any of the servers will redirect to another server whenever the log-in page is requested.  This can be useful if you maintain a portal or "lonbalancer" server which 
+forms your institution's gateway to LON-CAPA. You can specify the path to which 
+the user should be redirected, and also whether log-in page requests from specific
+IP addresses should be exempt from the redirection.  The exemption is useful 
+if you run a monitoring script which tests log-in, course display, and logout periodically for each of your LON-CAPA servers.
+If your domain only has one LON-CAPA server, or you have multiple servers and will 
+display their log-in pages, their appearance can be customized as follows:
 \item uploading custom image files