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  - Information about providing user preference to members of particular
    institutional groups so they can choose to block automatic updates.
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 which can be updated will be the cumulative set for the different
 groups to which the user belongs.
-If users are not affilliated with any institutional group, they can
+If users are not affiliated with any institutional group, they can
 be accommodated within the default \char`\"{}Other users\char`\"{}
 group which is provided automatically. If no status types are defined
 for your domain, this default group is entitled \char`\"{}All users\char`\"{}. 
@@ -18,7 +18,12 @@
 \item Set auto-update as active or inactive in the domain.
 \item Set whether user information changes should propagate to data stored
 in classlist database files for the separate courses in which the
-user has an active student role. 
+user has an active student role.
+\item Set whether users with a particular status (e.g., Faculty, Staff, 
+Student etc.) should have access to a user preference which permits them
+to lock their existing user information, and disable automatic updates
+of their own information, should it change in the institutional directory.
+Note: this option is only shown if institutional groups have been defined. 
 \item Set which of the following attributes: first name, middle name, last
 name, generation, e-mail address, student/employee ID should be updated
 within LON-CAPA if a different version to the one currently stored