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  - Information about enabling/disabling portfolios, blogs, personal information
    pages for groups of users  (i.e., by status type) in domain.
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-Each user in your domain will receive an individual portfolio space
-to which files may be uploaded. Students can submit items from their
-portfolio to meet the requirements of assignments in their courses.
-The default quotas you set for users in your domain will be overridden
-by any quota you set for individual users. 
+By default, each user in your domain can create blogs, a personal 
+information page, and store files in an individual portfolio space. 
+Students can submit items from their portfolio to meet the requirements 
+of assignments in their courses.
-Default quotas (in Mb) can be set to vary by institutional affiliation,
-as defined for your domain (e.g., Faculty, Adjunct, Staff, Student).
+You can choose to disable personal information pages, blogs and/or portfolios 
+for different groups of users defined for your domain (e.g., Faculty, Adjunct, 
+Staff, Student).  If the ``Modify User'' utility in User Management is 
+used to explicitly set availability of these tools for a particular user,
+that will override the corresponding settings determined by the user's 
+If you choose to enable portfolios, default quotas (in Mb) 
+can similarly be set to vary by institutional affiliation.
 If a user is affiliated with more than one group, whichever default
 quota is largest for the different groups is the one which applies.
 Institutional types need to be defined in a customized version of
 \&inst\_usertypes() in the localenroll.pm module installed on the
 primary server in your domain. If no types have been defined, then
 a single default quota will apply for all users from the domain.
+Default portfolio quotas which can be set for users in your domain
+will be overridden by any quota you set for an individual user via:
+the ``Modify User'' utility.