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  - Document automatic assgnment of co-ownership for official courses.
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 in real time, or can involve retrieval from a data source which is
 only updated periodically.
-There are two configuration options: 
+There are three configuration options: 
 \item Set auto-enrollment as active or inactive in the domain. 
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 By setting these to a specific user (you might create one for this
 purpose), you can view all auto-enrollment change messages for the
 entire domain by viewing the contents of the sent messages folder for that user.
+\item Automatically assign co-ownership
+If this is set to yes, then whenever a Course Coordinator role is assigned 
+in a course with an institutional code, a check is made to see if the user 
+to whom the role is being assigned is officially listed as instructional
+personnel. If so, and the user is not the course owner, then the user will
+be identified as a co-owner. Co-owners are listed in the course catalog, and
+also in the pop-up window displayed when picking a course (e.g., for cloning,
+).  For the validation to work the validate_instcode() routine in localenroll.pm
+must have been customized to include the username supplied as the third argument
+in the query made to the institutional data source which ties instructors to
+institutional codes.
 Auto-enrollment settings for each course consist of items set by a
 Domain Coordinator within the \char`\"{}Modify Course\char`\"{} area,
 and those items set in a course context from the