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  - Document how to revoke Domain Coordinator roles.

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A Domain Coordinator can expire any role in the domain with the exception
of the Domain Coordinator role. To expire a Domain Coordinator role for 
a user whose home server is the current server requires command line access,
to the domain's library server(s).

When you install LON-CAPA you uncompress a tarfile to create a lon-capa-X.Y.Z
directory where X, Y and Z are version numbers, e.g., 2.10.0. Within that
directory, as root, run the script used to expire roles: 

perl loncom/build/expire\_DC\_role.pl {[}USERNAME:DOMAIN] {[}DCDOMAIN]

\item where USERNAME:DOMAIN are the username and domain of an existing user,
for whom the Domain Coordinator privilege is to be revoked.
\item DCDOMAIN is the domain for which the role is being revoked. 
Note: DCDOMAIN must be a domain for which the server is is a library server.