[LON-CAPA-admin] Common Errors in lonc_errors?

Bynum, Lee Hamilton leebynum at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 23 14:43:31 EST 2016

I'm hunting for the source of an error that is causing student to rarely see resources as unassigned on our access servers.  In the process of doing this, I'm running into the issue of not knowing if certain errors

These three pop up in lonc_errors.log.  The first is easily the most common error in that file.

Event: trapped error in `?? loncnew:444': Event 'Connection to lonc client 0': GLOB(0x2913540) isn't a valid IO at /home/httpd/perl/loncnew line 647
Event: trapped error in `Connection to lonc client 13391263': Can't locate object method "Shutdown" via package "LondConnection=HASH(0x18b4d1d0)" (perhaps you forgot to load "LondConnection=HASH(0x
18b4d1d0)"?) at /home/httpd/perl/loncnew line 754.
Event: trapped error in `?? loncnew:1832': Can't call method "peername" on an undefined value at /home/httpd/perl/loncnew line 228.

If any of those have a known cause, it would be very helpful.



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