[LON-CAPA-admin] Re-linking or deleting a student's account

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Feb 19 15:11:24 EST 2013


What you will need to do as Domain Coordinator is to use the web GUI:

Main Menu -> Create users or modify the roles and privileges of users  
->  Add/Modify a User

to change the StudentID of the account for the *correct* username to  
something you will never use, but is not null, with the checkbox  
checked for:

"Disable Student/Employee ID Safeguard and force change of conflicting IDs
(only do if you know what you are doing.) "

Then repeat the procedure, again for the account with the *correct*  
username, but this time enter the correct value for the StudentID,  
again with the checkbox checked for:

"Disable Student/Employee ID Safeguard and force change of conflicting IDs
(only do if you know what you are doing.) "

Based on your description it seems likely that a user account already  
existed in your LON-CAPA domain for the "correct" username, but the  
addition of the incorrect account (with complete e-mail address as  
username) overwrote the entry for the StudentID in the folowing GDBM  


The procedure I describe should correct that issue. You'll be able to  
check if that is so from the command line using:

/home/httpd/perl/debug/dump_db.pl -u /home/httpd/lonUsers/ndsu/ids.db  
|grep <studentID>

replacing <studentID> with the "correct" studentID number (lower  
case), both before and after using the web GUI to make fix the problem.

Let me know the issue remains unresolved and I can provide additional  
information on how to modify the GDBM file directly.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Paul Omernik <paul.omernik at ndsu.edu>:

> Greetings,
> I had a faculty member enroll a student and accidentally use the student's
> e-mail address as their username. Afterward he created a student account
> with the "proper" name, but both accounts have the same StudentID.
> Now the faculty member is attempting to upload scantron results from an
> exam and is running into problems where the results are associating with
> the e-mail address name.
> I have attempted changing the StudentID of the e-mail address account to
> zeroes and disabling/updating the ID for both accounts. I have revoked and
> deleted the e-mail account from the course. I have even moved the e-mail
> student's files into a bak directory on the library server. The faculty
> member is still having issues with the scantron linking to the e-mail
> student ID.
> Is there any way I can 1) delete the student's misnamed account (from what
> I've read here on the list, no), or 2) relink the scantron to the
> appropriate student account?
> In case it helps, the most recent e-mail I've received from the faculty
> says:
> "It's still uploading to the wrong account.
> It's interesting that the information for the account, including ID, shows
> up when I look at "Previously Had Access" users, but when I click on the
> username to look at its information, all the fields are blank."
> Thanks!
> Paul

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