[LON-CAPA-admin] Re-linking or deleting a student's account

Paul Omernik paul.omernik at ndsu.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:42:05 EST 2013


I had a faculty member enroll a student and accidentally use the student's
e-mail address as their username. Afterward he created a student account
with the "proper" name, but both accounts have the same StudentID.

Now the faculty member is attempting to upload scantron results from an
exam and is running into problems where the results are associating with
the e-mail address name.

I have attempted changing the StudentID of the e-mail address account to
zeroes and disabling/updating the ID for both accounts. I have revoked and
deleted the e-mail account from the course. I have even moved the e-mail
student's files into a bak directory on the library server. The faculty
member is still having issues with the scantron linking to the e-mail
student ID.

Is there any way I can 1) delete the student's misnamed account (from what
I've read here on the list, no), or 2) relink the scantron to the
appropriate student account?

In case it helps, the most recent e-mail I've received from the faculty

"It's still uploading to the wrong account.

It's interesting that the information for the account, including ID, shows
up when I look at "Previously Had Access" users, but when I click on the
username to look at its information, all the fields are blank."


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