[LON-CAPA-admin] Standalone Access Server

guzelmu at itu.edu.tr guzelmu at itu.edu.tr
Sun Oct 7 12:07:46 EDT 2012


We have a standalone library server, which is active for one year, and  
we would like to add an access server to it. We prepared a computer to  
be the access server, installed operating system and LON-CAPA as  
access server following the steps in the documentation. But we did not  
created a domain controller on access server. (Do we need to?)

We changed the following files at both server to have information  
about each other, and rebooted them.

- /home/httpd/lonTabs/dns_hosts.tab
- /home/httpd/lonTabs/hosts.tab


'service loncontrol status' command outputs "2 good connections" on  
library server, however access server says that library server is  
down. I cannot login using neither of them until reverting back the  
changes in tab files.

I could not find any documentation about the subject. What should I do?

Onur Güzel
Istanbul Technical University

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