[LON-CAPA-admin] OpenSuse 11

Wutz Guenther guenther.wutz at stud.fh-regensburg.de
Mon Nov 23 16:12:40 EST 2009

Hello everybody,

first i must apologise my bad English. I'm a student from an University
in Germany and i have to check out the Lon Capa System. A Professor of
my university want the Lon Capa system for mathematical training in his

I got a virtual machine with Suse 11.1 for an test installation - but
its not supported by Lon Capa itself. I tried to use the same procedure
like Suse 10.3 but it failed. Is there any possibility to run Lon Capa
with Suse 11.1? What distribution do you recommend for Lon Capa?

Best regards,


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