[LON-CAPA-admin] yum update made not available for login

Paul Van Allsburg vanallsburg at hope.edu
Mon Jun 9 12:45:56 EDT 2008

I ran a yum update this morning and now I get:

      This LON-CAPA server is temporarily not available for login

My system appears to be running, except...

[root at tea init.d]# ./loncontrol status
LON-CAPA is running.
testing connections
. 103l1 down
. 103l2 down
. 103l3 down
. 103l4 down
. alsogerdl1 down
. annarborl1 down
. annarborl2 down

Something must have gotten overwritten...  any suggestions?


This system is fc8, loncapa-2.6.3

Paul Van Allsburg       
Computational Science & Modeling Facilitator
Natural Sciences Division,  Hope College
35 East 12th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423

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