[LON-CAPA-admin] updating suse

Lars Jensen ljensen at tmcc.edu
Mon Sep 24 16:27:08 EDT 2007

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for upur attention on this update issue. Is the new version of 
CHECKRPMS now available, or will it be in the next version of lon-capa?


Stuart Peter Raeburn wrote:
> Lars,
> There have been problems with ZMD in opensuse 10.1 (and 10.2?), and 
> apparently ZMD will disappear from the future opensuse 10.3.
> In LON-CAPA, CHECKRPMS checks if rpms are up to date, and sends e-mail 
> to the server administrator, if not,  The version of CHECKRPMS shipped 
> with LON-CAPA 2.5.X performs this check using rug for SuSE 10.1 and 
> 10.2, and you for SuSE 9.X (in opensuse, you was replaced by rug in 10.1 
> and 10.2)
> rug is a command line interface to the ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) 
> agent, so it requires ZMD.
> In light of the instability of ZMD and its future disappearance from 
> 10.3, CHECKRPMS will be modified to use the command line tool "zypper" 
> which does not require ZMD.
> If you wish to eliminate ZMD (and rug) you will need to modify
> /usr/local/loncapa/bin/CHECKRPMS.  I hope to get a version built today 
> (9/13) which uses zypper in place of rug for SuSE 10.X
> The command to update in zypper is:
> zypper up
> The command to list available updates is:
> zypper lu
> You can also use yast, but as that is a graphical tool, it will not 
> itself be used in CHECKRPMS.
> All of these update tools can be used to update any packages maintained 
> at openSUSE mirror sites (including many required by the 
> LONCAPA-prequistes package).  However, they will not automatically 
> update packages required by LON-CAPA which are unavailable from the 
> mirror sites, but instead were built and placed in the LON-CAP 
> repositories: http://install.loncapa.org/suse/
> (For opensuse 10.2, this is a total of 22 packages).
> To date, the custom-built packages created for a particular SuSE 
> version/architecture have not required update.  However, there is a need 
> to improve CHECKRPMS so it will provide an alert to SuSE/SLES system 
> administrators when these packages do need updating. Note: the checks 
> for Fedora, Centos5 and RHEL5 which use yum already do this 
> automatically.  In SuSE, to update any of the LON-CAPA built packages 
> you would need to use yast (refresh the repository, and then perform the 
> update interactively.
> In yast:
> Software -> Software Management -> Filter (Installation Summary), and 
> then toggle the action from i to > for any packages needing updates.
> Stuart Raeburn
> MSU LON-CAPA group
> Lars Jensen writes:
>> The lon-capa update instructions recommends to update suse with "rug
>> update" - rug requires ZMD, the Novell Management Daemon, which
>> doesn't seem stable at all. Are other ways of updating OK as well? For
>> example is it OK to disable zmd and use Yast instead for updating.
>> Will yast update all the lon-capa prequisites as well?
>> Thanks,
>> Lars.
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