[LON-CAPA-admin] access server not getting republished resources

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Mon Oct 22 14:57:41 EDT 2007

Hi Todd,

> >> Any ideas about where I should look, 
> > 
> > Check the .log of a resource you have recently republished that should
> > have made it to the access server.
> So the resource's log file is enlightening, but not overly so.  I see
> when the file was published, which appears correct, and I see that
> several hosts (including cmsa1) and courses (including my course) are
> notified, all "ok".  What I don't see is *any* mention of my other
> access server, csma2.  Where does the list of servers to notify get
> stored?  I don't see it in the resource.meta file.

resource.subscription in the publication area.

I think you some how rebuilt csma2 in such a way the library has
no idea what resources are on that machine.

The simplest fix is to just reset the directory where published
resource are stored on the _access_ server

Remove the files from /home/httpd/html/res subdirectories that are the
domains you have files from

So likely 

rm -rf /home/httpd/html/res/csm

(and other dirs)

Will cause csma2 to refetch all resources and get valid subscriptions.

How was this machine built? Did you copy the contents csma1 to csma2?
Was csma2 out of the loop for a really long time?

(Looks like I really need to get that resource subscribed to analyze
script written.)
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