[LON-CAPA-admin] access server not getting republished resources

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Mon Oct 22 17:18:55 EDT 2007


> I think you some how rebuilt csma2 in such a way the library has
> no idea what resources are on that machine.

Ah yes.

> The simplest fix is to just reset the directory where published
> resource are stored on the _access_ server

> Remove the files from /home/httpd/html/res subdirectories that are the
> domains you have files from
> So likely 
> rm -rf /home/httpd/html/res/csm
> (and other dirs)
> Will cause csma2 to refetch all resources and get valid subscriptions.

I was just about to try this.  I suspect it will work just fine.  (see

> How was this machine built? Did you copy the contents csma1 to csma2?
> Was csma2 out of the loop for a really long time?

Even worse, probably.  It turns out our library server and csma2
currently have identical hardware, so you can guess what kind of copy
happened on the re-build:  library server->access server, re-run
./UPDATE to change to access role.  A complete clear of /res, and a
re-run of ./UPDATE just for good measure seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for the right-on-target insight, as usual.


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