[LON-CAPA-admin] No math rendering from access machines?

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Tue Jun 19 23:20:17 EDT 2007


>> Any idea what might cause mathematics to be rendered fine when delivered
>> by the library server, but to have the raw TeX code displayed
>> (jsmath)
> Looks like this is being caused because the jsMath fonts failed to
> install.
> Viewing 
> http://lc2.mines.edu/res/adm/pages/math_example.tex?inhibitmenu=yes&texengine=jsMath
> Looking at the javascript console shows 
> Error: uncaught exception: jsMath can't load the file
> 'http://lc2.mines.edu/adm/jsMath/fonts/cm-fonts/alpha/def.js'
> Error status: 404

Yep, now that I look I see them, too.

> The fonts are supposed to be installed 
> during the install bu running the file
> loncapa-2.4.1/loncom/html/adm/jsMath/commands 
> with an argument of /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath
> Which should unzip the file
> loncapa-2.4.1/loncom/html/adm/jsMath/jsMath-fonts-1.3.zip
> into 
> /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath
> Can you check the output of running UPDATE and see if any errors got
> thrown shorting the install out in some way?

This is what I see when running UPDATE:

install -o www -g www -m 0700 -d /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath
install -o www -g www -m 0700 -d /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath/extensions
install -o www -g www -m 0700 -d /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath/uncompressed
install -o www -g www -m 0700 -d /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath/plugins

install -o www -g www -m 0644 ../../loncom/html/adm/jsMath/*.*
cd ../../loncom/html/adm/jsMath ; sh commands /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath\
        chmod -R 0700 /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath/fonts/ \
        chown -R www:www /home/httpd/html/adm/jsMath/fonts/
install -o www -g www -m 0644
install -o www -g www -m 0644 ../../loncom/html/adm/jsMath/plugins/*.*
install -o www -g www -m 0644


Sorry about the formatting.  I can give you the whole output if you need
it.  I didn't see any indications of errors in the output of UPDATE or
in the WARNINGS file.  You gave me somewhere to look around, and somehow
what seems to have happened is that instead of
I ended up with
There is nothing else in the secondary jsMath directory, just the fonts.
 Anyway, moving the /fonts up in the directory tree seems to have fixed
this problem.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction here.

>> or throw errors "[TeX unconverted due to previous errors]" (tth) from
>> the access servers?  Everything is running 2.4.1, and as far as I know,
>> all the same packages are installed on each server.

This seems to have been a result of poor coding (missing random $ inside
the <m> tags.  Unfortunately it seems that jsmath, my usual renderer, is
much more robust than TTH.  I didn't get *any* errors using jsMath
rendering, but TTH was nice enough to point them all out to the
students, even though I thought it was clean :).


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