[LON-CAPA-admin] 2.4.0 Maxima issues

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Thu Jun 14 04:41:18 EDT 2007

Hi Stuart,

Stuart Peter Raeburn wrote:
> Hi Stefan and Peter, 
> I logged into LON-CAPA today using your library server (polya) in 
> the "fhwf" domain and found that in a test course of mine in the
> msu domain a problem that uses maxima (Math Response using CAS
> and Hints template) graded a correct submission without error. 
> It would appear that either you were able to resolve the maxima 
> problem you were seeing with FC5, or the issue is transient. 
> Stuart Raeburn
> MSU LON-CAPA group 

Yeah, sorry for not informing you earlier. Maxima seems to run now on
the FC5 server.

What happend? As you suggested I checked the versions on the FC5 server
- they are all correct. I activated the maxima logfile writing in
lonmaxima. After I restarted loncontrol, maxima started to work as it
had never been a problem. Seems that loncontrol hadn't started lonmaxima
properly after the 2.4.0 update. Strange but convincing enough to try
the install 2.4.0 on polya (which is still our productional server).
polya didn't complain and provided us from the first beging of 2.4.0
with a proper run of maxima.

I will try to solve the issues with old processes which you mentioned in
the other e-mail, install 2.4.1 and tell you if anything interesting

Thank you for your help,
Stefan Bisitz

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