[LON-CAPA-admin] "Cannot initialize Course at this time"

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Oct 19 18:05:15 EDT 2006

Hi Todd,

> I have one user who started getting this message this morning.  It only occurs 
> on the access server.

There is a file named


One of these is likley corrupted in some way or another...

You can use the script /home/httpd/perl/debug/dump_db.pl to
figure out which one has gone pear-shaped.

Deleteing them should clear the error.

(Note, that files in this dir are cleaned up on daily basis
automatically so the problem will eventually clear itself in another
day or so.)

> He can access the course just fine on the library 
> server.  As CC and as student I have no problems entering the course on the 
> access server.  I have a vague recollection of something similar being posted 
> before, but I can't find it, and I thought that was on all machines.  Any 
> ideas?

There was an issue with 2.0ish and SuSE 9.2 machines that had been
seen, (when the code was explictly tryng to avoid delteing the .db
outright but rather empty them and refill them). But I hadn't seen
this happen at all often since then.

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