[LON-CAPA-admin] "Cannot initialize Course at this time"

Ray Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 19 20:01:27 EDT 2006

I've had one report of this, so far, this semester here at SFU.
The problem went away for the student before I could remind myself of how to 
clear it.  So, it might still be lurking...

On Thursday 19 October 2006 15:05, Guy Albertelli II wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> > I have one user who started getting this message this morning.  It only
> > occurs on the access server.
> There is a file named
> /home/httpd/perl/tmp/<username>_<domain>_<courseid>.db
> /home/httpd/perl/tmp/<username>_<domain>_<courseid>_parms.db
> One of these is likley corrupted in some way or another...
> You can use the script /home/httpd/perl/debug/dump_db.pl to
> figure out which one has gone pear-shaped.
> Deleteing them should clear the error.
> (Note, that files in this dir are cleaned up on daily basis
> automatically so the problem will eventually clear itself in another
> day or so.)
> > He can access the course just fine on the library
> > server.  As CC and as student I have no problems entering the course on
> > the access server.  I have a vague recollection of something similar
> > being posted before, but I can't find it, and I thought that was on all
> > machines.  Any ideas?
> There was an issue with 2.0ish and SuSE 9.2 machines that had been
> seen, (when the code was explictly tryng to avoid delteing the .db
> outright but rather empty them and refill them). But I hadn't seen
> this happen at all often since then.

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