[LON-CAPA-admin] FC3 Kernel Update

Jim Maxka jim.maxka at nau.edu
Tue Sep 6 11:48:06 EDT 2005

Hi Lars andYuri -- I had 3 kernel panics with Fedora core 3 last year on 
different machines with SATA and SCSI.  So, I decided to try SuSe. 


It turns out that SuSe panics a lot too.  SuSe panicked on me Friday -- 
it wasn't SCSI drivers, but iptables confilict would not recognize the 
ethernet card.

The drag about SuSE is that there is no history of working kernels.  So, 
you just have to rescue it or reinstall. 

Lars -- Your restart method doesn't make any sense to me.  It sounds 
like you are restorting a corrupted file system -- which sounds even 
scarier than kernel panics to me.  Are you using ext3?  --jim

Lars Jensen wrote:

> Hi Yuri,
> Yuri Csapo wrote:
>> We've had problems. From what I could tell the drivers we need for 
>> the Adaptec SCSI adapter were not compiled in the kernel or available 
>> in the initrd, which caused the system to be unable to find its disks 
>> after initial kernel load. 
> We have seen this problem regularly since we went from RH 7.3 to FC3 - 
> it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the kernel version. I 
> think it has occurred after a loss of power. A couple of reboots 
> usually worked.
> (A forced reboot by root has not caused the SCSI drives not to be 
> recognized.)
> Lars.
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