[LON-CAPA-admin] lon-capa on laptop

Matthew Hall llahwehttam at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 14:21:07 EST 2005

Hi Lars,

> Is there anything different in the install process when installing
> lon-capa to a stand-alone laptop, as compared to a regular
> installation. (I'm planning to use the lon-capa laptop for the purpose of
> writing some problems.)
> The laptop is not in name service - is that a problem?

No, just set it up as a stand alone machine when you do the LON-CAPA
./UPDATE part of the install.

> I only have install disk 1 of FC3 - will this allow me to install
> x-windows?

I honestly don't know.  I'd probably go through the trouble of
downloading and burning the other disks as it may be easier to use
their installer than to use yum.  I'm running LON-CAPA  on a laptop as
my development machine.  You'll probably want to do a  workstation
install.  When it comes to the LON-CAPA part of the installation, yum
will tell you what packages are installed which conflict with
LON-CAPA.  You'll need to "rpm -e" these packages, which will be an
iterative process.  Doing a "minimal install" avoids this (which is
why our official documents recommend the minimal install), but it's
not difficult to remove the packages that conflict with LON-CAPA.

> If not, I assume I can use yum to install x-windows. Does anyone know
> what Fedora package(s) are needed to install x-windows?

Well, there's X-windows itself, a window manager/desktop environment,
and who knows what else you might expect to have available to you when
you're working (openoffice?  emacs? ...).  I'm sure someone somewhere
has done this, but with a laptop I'd rather use the install disks.


Matthew Hall
llahwehttam at gmail.com    Try not to read it as "hamtheallwet".

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